DSA Legal and Accounting

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DSA is home to specialist accountants and legal advisors who offer exceptional, affordable legal and financial services. Our philosophy is a simple one; expertise delivered in a straightforward way, communicated in plain English, in a relaxed and professional manner, with the focus always on the client's objective. After all, why give a long-winded explanation, when a straightforward answer will do.


We offer umbrella and accounting services, ensuring you stay inside IR35. Our legal experts can ensure you are compliant, while offering you the best possible rates.

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Dispute Resolution

Dealing with a dispute professionally and commercially takes skill. We assist and support our clients with both legal knowledge and strategy.

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Our team of highly experienced specialists provide advice on regulatory compliance, investigations, adjudication, enforcement and prosecutions.

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  • "The firm as a whole provides a "Rolls-Royce" service, with particular expertise in cases with an international or multi-jurisdictional element."

    Jason Howard (CEO, Hammond author)
  • "The relationship between DSA and us has been very rewarding. Our company continues to trust DSA's extensive legal experience and we have yet to be disappointed."

    Sheryl Meyers General Manager of Operations
  • "As Salem Township Treasurer, and as an individual, I would not hesitate to recommend Mr Lemant and his law firm to anyone in need of his legal prowess."

    Mitch Conwell Salem Township Treasurer
  • "I have worked with Ed for several years and have been impressed with his professionalism as well as his high level of integrity offered to the client."

    Brian Simons Stantec Engineering